Physical Fixed Asset Audits


Our auditors will audit all of your districts fixed assets and reconcile to your current database offering custom reports based on our findings. We have a more detailed approach than other firms that allows us to investigate items and locate them as opposed to the common audit methodology of only reporting “what was made available to us” seen with other firms or districts handling audits in house.

We ensure all assets are tagged with a district asset label and present in the database upon completion of the audit. Beyond that we also work with the district to administratively clean the data and ensure your data is working for you.

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Fixed Asset Management Software


We offer a user friendly web based solution to increase the efficiency of the management and reporting of your fixed assets. One touch GASB reporting, multiple user levels, personal support and import/export capabilities. Manage your assets from acquisition through disposal effectively in real time. Our new web based ASSETvista software is being released in July 2015.

Custom Barcode Asset Labels


CPRS can provide custom asset labels to suit your needs in a wide range of sizes and colors.

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Process Consulting


The biggest factor in managing your fixed assets effectively is using your resources and developing clear procedures. Streamlining the process can reduce the time spent and increase the productivity of your staff. CPRS can develop procedures based on manpower, software, supplier resources and shipping to decrease the stress and increase the productivity of the management of your Fixed Assets.

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Screenshots of our Software

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